Q1. Is the SF2 Rebreather CE tested?

A. Yes it has undergone full certification process in Europe. Unlike other available rebreathers the CE is on the rebreather, including the canister, counter lung, controller and breathing Loop not its configuration. The allows the end user to configure the SF2 ECCR in back mount, sidemount and with any tested wing, plate, regulator and cylinders to meet approval.


The CE on the SF2 ECCR was done by Dekra in Germany. CE was done on the unit itself not the accessories like regulators, wing, harness, tanks.
This gives the user a huge flexibility on the material side.

BUT - The material used must fulfill the following requirements:

- Any equipment (tanks, wings, regulators etc.) which is used must be CE certified
- The used equipment must refer to the manufacturer's specifications.
This is very important for:
1st Stage oxygen side – 1st stage must be certified for 100 % oxygen

1st Stages must have a middle pressure which is in a range from 6 – 8 bar
(Bail Out is carried separately and an open circuit 2nd stage will not work properly with the low mid pressure)

Tanks must have a volume from at least 3 or 40 cuff. The tank for the oxygene side must be certified for 100 % oxygen

Lift capacity – the lift capacity of the wing must be in range by 55lbs (+/- 10%)

Q2. Can I purchase a stripped SF2?

A. We sell both a complete ready to dive back mount and Sidemount ECCR. The customer can also purchase the SF2 without wing, backplate and harness and cylinder and regulators if they wish.

Q3. Do you provide training on the SF2 rebreather?

A. As the distributer for SF2 rebreathers we do not provide training, we hold a directory of certified SF2 instructors and instructor trainers who can provide various levels of training via an approved training agency.

Q4. Can I get spare parts and service for my rebreather here in the UK?

A. Yes we provide a full assemble of spare parts and consumables for the SF2 range along with providing servicing here in the UK.

Q5. Does the SF2 have redundant PO2 monitoring /computer

A. Yes, the SF2 is available with a Fischer connector to plug an additional PPO2 compatible monitor e.g Shearwater petrel EXT or Nerd. Note: This does not act as a redundant controller.

Q6. what battery is used to power the Solenoid and how long can i expect the to last?

A. The Jaksa LP solenoid is powered by a standard 9V battery providing the end user with over 50 hrs of operation. Several factors can effect battery life including temperature, and battery quality. The end user must be sure to start each dive with sufficient battery for the dive.

Q7. Is a separate diver certification required for both backmount and sidemount SF2 systems?

A. Yes. In order to purchase either the back mount, sidemount or conversion kits for both the diver will have to complete and be certified in that particular configuration.