Privacy Policy

Personal Information

PP1. We collect only personal information that you input to this website or generated by your use of this website, at your own discretion and with your consent.

PP2. We collect only personal information directly related to or reasonably necessary for the purposes of providing the functions of this website to you, and facilitating transactions you enter into via this website.

PP3. You are not required to disclose any personal information to us, however some functions of this website will only be available to users who choose to provide certain specified personal information to us.

PP4. You are responsible for maintaining accurate and up-to-date personal information. You may access and correct your personal information through the account management pages provided by this website.

Anonymity and Pseudonymity

PP5. The functions of this website include the facilitation of legally binding agreements between you, us and third parties. Accordingly it is not practicable for you to fail to correctly identify yourself, or to operate on the basis of anonymity and pseudonymity.


PP7. We will not willingly disclose your personal information to any third party except as required to supply you with goods, services or website functionality, or unless compelled by law.

PP8. We may disclose aggregate or demographic information about users of this website to any party.

Direct Marketing

PP9. You consent to us contacting you via this website, email, social media or any other means for direct marketing purposes.

PP10. This consent can be withdrawn at any time by the simple and usual means provided, including options available through the account management pages provided by this website and any unsubscribe link provided on direct marketing email communications.

Transaction Records

PP11. We keep records of transactions for accounting, business and legal purposes. Records of transactions are our proprietary information and you are not entitled to access or modify these.


PP12. We take reasonable steps to protect the security of your personal information, however we do not, and cannot, guarantee the security of your personal information from the intentional, negligent or malicious acts of third parties including persons acting illegally, service or infrastructure suppliers involved in the operation of this website, or invasive government or corporate surveillance programs, and do not undertake to do so.

Security Breach

PP13. Where required by law or otherwise in our sole discretion, we will notify you of any breach of the security of this website or any related system storing your personal information. You consent to such notification being provided by the email address you have provided to us as part of your personal information or for the purposes of registering as a member of this website.


PP14. You consent to this website and any associated data including your personal information being hosted, stored, accessed, processed or transmitted anywhere in the world.


PP15. This website may cause your internet browser to store a message in a text file on your device used to access this website, which may be uploaded from your device to this website from time to time as requested by this website (a "cookie"). This website uses two types of cookies:

  1. Session Cookies − Which are temporary files created when you visit this website, for the purpose of providing continuity in a usage session as you move between different pages, and expire when you close your browser.

For example, if you put a good in your shopping cart and later go to the checkout page, the session cookie tells the checkout page that it is you and the goods you intend to offer to buy.

  1. Permanent Cookies − Which are long term files created and later updated when you visit this website, for the purpose of providing continuity over multiple usage sessions, and remain on your device.

For example, the permanent cookie tells the login page your username so you do not need to input it every time you visit this website.

PP16. You acknowledge that while it is open to you to disable or otherwise prevent cookies being stored on your device, this website or certain of its features may cease to function correctly if you choose to do so. You otherwise consent to the creation of cookies on your device.