About the SF2 Rebreather

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The SF2 is a complete electronic closed-circuit rebreather engineered and made in Germany. A unique rebreather design that integrates the best materials, electronic systems, with modularity in mind. The unit is extremely travel friendly. Its Keep-it- simple design and no tools approach make it the choice for demanding technical divers around the world.

 SF2 BM backAll-important components are integrated into the carbon fibre housing making it strong but lightweight. The SF2 needs significantly less volume compared to other rebreathers currently on the market. Testing as well as various certification processes assures a constant level of safety in manufacturing and system performance. The rebreather is available as a backmount rebreather as well as Sidemount rebreather.

The counter lung is positioned in the lower section of the carbon fiber body of the rebreather. The positioning of the lung benefits the diver with puncture protection while helping maintain a stable horizontal position required for overhead environments and technical level dives with minimal buoyancy shift unlike over the shoulder and rear mounted lungs, the counter-lung Incorporates the over pressure valve on the bottom of the rebreather, this is automatic on ascent or overpressure reducing task loading. Its position and design gives the added advantage of allowing the removal of water from the unit with a very simple diluent flush.

SF2 Cross sectionThe delrin midsection of the SF2 is made up of the following devices,

Manual adds / bypass fitted that allow the addition of either diluent or oxygen gases into the unit. The diver can manually dive the system in the event of an electronic failure. The automatic diluent valve (ADV) is situated on the right hand side of the mid section being activated when the counter lung volume is depleted of gas. As either gas is added to the mid section of the rebreather verification and flushing is simple and very efficient for the diver.

A 2.2kg CO2 axial scrubber housing sits above the mid section and is protected by the upper carbon section.

Assembly and disassembly of the SF2 is very easy as the entire tube can be removed making internal parts easily accessible. No special tools are not needed for standard assemble.

The electronic elements are housed in the robust delrin head and connected to the upper carbon tube. The Head houses the 3 oxygen sensors, solenoid valve and battery pod. Very little condensation will appear near or on the components after diving due the careful positioning and design of the rebreather head. SF2 head electronic7

The breathing hoses are mounted at a slight angle to the head allowing good positioning of the unit and increased comfort for the diver. The Diver Supply valve (DSV) is simple in design and can be operated single handed with gloves.

Cylinder attachment is straightforward and allows the diver to choose from 3litre to required size for the dive.

Manual addition valves incorporated with one was isolation valves if required allow the diver to plug in off-board gases and allow the diver full control over the electronic system.

As the SF2 Rebreather is CE certified and not its configuration the end user can chose to purchase a complete unit including regulator first stages, cylinders and valves, backplate and wing or a stripped unit. To ensure the unit meets EU standards the end user is then responsible that the addition equipment used with the SF2 is CE approved.

The SF2 rebreathers are suitable for demanding technical level dives factory approved training is required to Purchase an SF2 rebreather, please contact one of our listed instructor / Dealers for current pricing and additional information.

Technical data sheet
Component Sidemount Backmount
Lower tube including fastener 4.08 lbs
(incl. 2 x boltsnap & stainless steel clamp)
6.61 lbs
(incl. bottle fastener)
Counter lung 3.75 lbs 3.75lbs
Complete hose set incl. 4 stainless steel
clamps & 4 x protective band
4.08 lbs
(incl. bungees excl. weights)
4.08 lbs
(incl. 14 weight rings)
Canister 3.2 lbs
3.2 lbs
Upper tube 0.66 lbs 0.66 lbs
Head incl. Controller 7.05 lbs 7.05 lbs
Backplate (example) 0 4.41 lbs
2 x Off Board Gas Connector
2 x ATR Tek3 + Hoses
1.76 lbs
(Hoses + QC4 connectors)
9.04 lbs
Wing (Devil) 0 3.4 lbs
Bottles (filled with 02 & air)
2 x 3kg 300 bar steel incl. fastener
0 30.86 lbs
Gross weight 24.6 lbs 73.08 lbs
Ready to dive incl. 2.2kg lime 29.4 lbs 73.52 lbs