SF2 Sidemount CCR

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17690434 10211005146056894 1424114099 n7The SF2 configuration allows the end user to setup the rebreather in several configurations, a popular one being to side mount the SF2.This can be achieved in several ways: 

The diver can dive conventional side mount open circuit bottles and stage the SF2 on either the left or right of the diver.

The diver can mount smaller cylinders on the back and carry the SF2 on the side in place of a sidemount cylinder (Toddy Style).

The Sidemount configuration is one of the most streamlined rebreathers currently available on the market due to its housed rear counter lung design. The diver can choose to wear a standard sidemount harness or sandwich plate and wing and has multi options as to feed the diver diluent and oxygen as well as configure essential bailout gas.  

Buoyancy and trim are excellent in this configuration; divers generally require little if any additional weights to trim the rig out.

SF2 SM conversion kit

The options to manual add oxygen in the event of electronic malfunction is fitted to the side of the SF2 Sidemount rig.

Any good quality regulator first stage can be used to feed the rebreather oxygen or diluent.

For advanced technical level dives divers may opt to plug in off-board gases, for this we have QC fittings making easy to plug and unplug additional cylinders as required.

The rebreathers delrin machined mid section houses the Apeks Second stage as an automatic diluent valve and the orifice that allows manual addition of gas. As either gas are added to the centre section making it very efficient for flushing gas around the loop.

The Head (Electronic) is powered by Shearwater and comes standard with the primary controller running three O2 sensors in the head. A lot of thought has gone into the design of the head to ensure the sensors stay free of moisture and the unit is simple to operate and service. The Shearwater controller is run from a single 9V battery, the Jaksa Solenoid will operate for long durations.

SF2 Sidemount ccrback2

 The end user has three options for a redundant monitoring system of the three oxygen cells, a Sheawater petrel EXT, a Shearwater NERD or a simple heads-up-display.

We provide the end user the choice to purchase either a ready to dive rebreather including, tanks, valves, first stages, “Toddy Plate system”.

We also provide the option to purchase a stripped down version of the rebreather without tanks, wing/harness/plate and first stages.